Spanish School of Traditional Thai Massage

Spanish School of Traditional Thai Massage

The school was created to meet the need of transmitting and teaching this ancient therapeutic art. We have formed in the best schools they have access foreigners in Thailand, and yet, we have continued to seek the origin, authenticity Traditional Thai Massage. So we’ve traveled the country learning the technique in massage parlors, with expert masseurs and therapists with Buddhist monks, to thus be able to offer the most authentic and traditional Thai massage.

Classes are taught by Eduardo Velasco Valido and his team of teachers.

Eduardo Velasco Valid is a physiotherapist specializing in traditional Thai massage. He studied at the most prestigious schools in the country as well as in traditional medicine clinics remain outside of the usual tourist haunts and therefore foreigners.

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Our teaching method is very practical, teach in the same way we have learned from our teachers in Thailand.

Our teaching is practical, creative, focused on developing the sensitivity and intuition of our students, so that in this way they learn freely without dogmas, and to practice the true art of Traditional Thai Massage.

Constantly student practices with peers massage sequences under the direct supervision of teachers.


Our Thai massage courses in Madrid are aimed at both professionals (physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, yoga teachers) who find in Thai massage an invaluable tool for improving the outcome of their therapy and beginners who want to start their career as therapists or people who simply want to approach the world of thai massage.

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